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For now, it’s just me

There will always be something that everyone keeps to themselves. Thus this section of my website is dedicated to everything about me and I hope that through this you are able to know more about me person behind Quotes Hub. Born in the year of Tiger on Feb 26, 1998. I am Gaurav Ramani, a 22 yr old Indian living in Solan HP.

When I was in high school, I always waited for the vacations to come as it was the only time when I can learn and experiment new things by myself and most importantly I along with my dad can travel to different places, exploring new things and culture and as I got into engineering I realized that I missed those days and engineering was not my cup of tea.

Striving to become great at my job!
Wants bigger things in life. Loves when inner kid takes command. Finds passion for telling his traveling stories. An engineering drop out who realized that education system is his greatest enemy. Thinks he can expect an exciting future.

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