Awesome Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People


Do you guys also think the same way, I do.

Well, we all have got a few fake people, friends, and relatives in our lives who try to look like they actually care for us but the truth is they all are backstabbers who talk rubbish behind you. They are the people who don’t care about anybody but themselves, they will drop you when they realize that you are of no use to them or the friendship isn’t beneficial to them anymore.

They fake like they care about you but every time you need them, it’s always an excuse.

Fake people are a bunch of jerks in this world who are here just to ruin our lives and then act like they are friends with us. They are mostly indulged in hypocrisy, lies, and bitching.

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

Here are a few key points about fake people:

  • They try to seek attention to prove themselves.
  • They will say bad things about others all the time.
  • They show off a lot.
  • They talk about you behind your back.
  • They always make excuses that they are busy and will never be available for you.
  • They mostly try to be upset in front of you.
  • They don’t pay attention to what you are saying.

I hate when people say they feel me because I don’t think you really feel me. -Drake

Fake People Quotes

“What’s the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside?”

“Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted. Your best friends might just be your enemies.”

“A person character is shown through their actions in life NOT where they sit on Sunday.”

“People wears a mask of lie so they look attractive , so be careful”

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

“When you see the genuine, you don’t deal with the fakes anymore.”

Growing up means realizing a lot of your friends aren’t really your friends.”

“Fake friends: once they stop talking to you, they start talking about you.”

“Everybody isn’t your friend. Just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn’t mean you are your friends. People pretend well. At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention.”

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

“Some friends are like pennies, two-faced and worthless.”

“Fake friends are like shadows. They follow you in the sun but leave you in the dark.”

“An honest enemy is better than a best friend who lies.”

“Be very careful of who you share your problem with, remember that not every friend that smiles at you is your best friend.”

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

“You always know after shitty things happened, who your friends really were.”

“A false friend and a shadow attend only while the sun shines.”

“Better an honest enemy than a false friend.”

I may not be perfect, but at least I am not fake. With me, what you see is what you get.

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

Stay real and stay loyal, or you might as well stay away from me.

A fake friend is like a shadow. They will follow you around in the sun and leave you in the dark.

You can always count on a real situation to expose a fake friend.

You cannot always trust what you see. Even salt looks like sugar.

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

There is no room for fake people in my life.

Some people will stab you in the back and then ask you why you are bleeding.

Sometimes it is not that people change, it is just that the masks have fallen off.

People do not change. They reveal who they really are over time.

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

Be very cautious of people whose actions do not match their words.

If I cut you out of my life, then the chances are that you gave me the scissors.

It is not my role to expose the fake people. In due time, they will expose themselves for who they really are.

Once the wrong people stop talking to you, they start talking about you instead.

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

Cut off fake people for real reasons and do not cut off real people for fake reasons.

Some of the most poisonous people come to us disguised as family and friends.

You will see someone’s true colors when you are no longer beneficial to their life.

Do not waste your words on fake people who deserve your silence.

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

We do not lose friends. We just come to learn who the real ones are.

There are a lot of fake people out there in the world. Before you judge them, make sure that you are not one of them.

These days, fake people no longer surprise me but loyal people do.

Real recognizes real while fake flocks together.

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

I would rather have honest enemies than fake friends.

Be careful who you show your weaknesses too. Some people will jump at the chance to use them against you.

Being fake is the new trend and everyone seems to be in style.

Life is way too short for fake cheese, butter, and people.

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

I think I need to get glasses because I have been seeing a lot of people with two faces lately.

A snake is still a snake no matter how many times it sheds its skin.

Sometimes the more someone is trying to look like a saint, it could mean that they have bigger horns to hide.

I would rather have no friends than lots of fake friends.

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

Do not fear the enemy that attacks you. Be afraid of the fake friend that hugs you.

Life is not about who is real to your face. It is about who is fake behind your back.

I do not have a problem with those who like me, but I do have a problem with those who pretend to.

If you are going to be two faced, you should at least make one of them pretty.

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

Always sleep with one eye open. You never know, your best friends could turn out to be your enemies.

The saddest thing about betrayal is that it will never come from your enemies. It always comes from people who were thought to be your friends.

I a no longer surprised by fake people. These days, it is the loyal ones that I am surprised by.

Sometimes the people who know the least about you end up having the most to say.

Quotes on Fake Friends And Fake People

Fake people have an image that they need to constantly maintain, while real people do not care because they have nothing to hide.

Sometimes loneliness is the better option than having a friend who is fake.

The problem is when people are hated for keeping it real and when other people are loved for being fake.


I hope I was able to make you realize the difference between your fake friends and the real one. Beware of these fake people as they can hinder your growth and you won’t even know. The main reason people fake you is because they can’t compete you and they feel jealous of you. Have compassion for your haters because then only you can grow. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends who you think should be aware of this.

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