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As we all know that girls love cute, soft and fluffy things. Most of the girls have a teddy bear or a soft pillow in their bedroom. Scientifically, everyone needs a few hugs a day for emotional health (I’ve seen numbers varying from 3 to 8) and this things plays a very important role in girl’s life as they want it a lot to escape from their stress or when they are feeling homesick or when they miss their partner.

So it’s the fourth day of the Valentine’s week and as the date suggest its “Teddy Day”. Teddies are the cutest and most famous soft toys, loved by every girl. If you are in a long-distance relationship, gifting a teddy or any soft fluffy toy will always remind her of your presence. It will rejuvenate the moments you spent together and she will be more happier to have you in her life.

Put a smile on your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend’s face by gifting them an adorable and cuddly teddy bear and show them how special they are for you.

Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive.

Here’s a bunch of quotes you can pair up with your gift which can amazingly express your feelings and emotions. Hope you have a Great day.

Quotes On Teddy Day

You are my little, cute, and chubby doll and I promise to be your teddy bear making you smile like this forever, wifey. Happy Teddy Day!

Hope the teddy bear I am sending makes you smile, in your low moments! Happy teddy day my love!

You are the Smile of my Lips,

Twinkle of my eyes,

And joy of my face,

Without you I am nothing,

& I hope to see you soon by my side, Love!

Happy Teddy Bear Day

To the cutest teddy I know – I love you a lot and I am missing your bear hugs right now. Happy Teddy Day!

Teddies remind me of you, your warm hugs, softness, and of course your beautiful smile that is making me fall in love every time I see you!!

Teddy is a stress buster, a tight hugger, no complains and demands; in case if you don’t find me, you know where to go… Your teddy. Happy Teddy Day!

Lots of sweet Teddy hugs and kisses from my side on this Teddy Bear Day!

It’s Teddy Bear Day I just wanted to say “I LOVE YOU BEARY MUCH!”

A cute Teddy Bear, for my cute friend on a cute occasion. Just to say I am ‘beary’ lucky to have you in my life. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

When it comes to giving those awesome teddy bear hugs, no one can match you. I am lucky to have a friend like you. Happy Teddy Day!

Who said teddies aren’t real… I mean just look at you!!… You are the most adorable teddy, my love! Happy Teddy Day!

Even if the sun refuses to shine, the words refuse to rhyme… You will always be my valentine. Love you sweetheart… Happy Teddy Day!!

Your heart beats to tell you something new… It wants to say… I LOVE YOU! Happy Teddy Day!!

I wish I were a cell in your blood, so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

It’s a TEDDY BEAR DAY! And I ‘m thinking of someone cute and huggable that someone SPECIAL IS YOU. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

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