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Hi, it’s me Gaurav Ramani. It’s 4th Feb 2020, 3:00 AM. Last night I thought that I should share some insights of my life till date with you guys so that you guys can get to know about me and you guys too can tackle it the way I did so, grab a snack and settle in because I am about to tell you the story of my life, more specifically why my life had a turning point. 

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As of any normal boy, I too was born in an Indian stereotypical middle-class family. Being born and brought up in a joint family, we are always taught that being a boy we have to take care of the family and be strong. As time went by I got into school and everything was going smoothly. Over time I started developing interest in painting, craftwork, and some sort of mechanics and started participating in Interschool competitions and won a few trophies. After a few grades, I realized that my class performance was going down day by day and I failed in many subjects and I was being promoted to next grade with JUST PASS written on my mark sheet.

 Few classes passed over and I was still the same, got rolling over stress and depression, each one telling me that I was a dumb, failure; the boy status changed into an introvert. My state of mind was changing day by day. I started talking less, ignoring people and skipped school. I passed the 8th grade the way I was doing and realized that like this nothing’s gonna work out as I wanted to get into engineering because of my keen interest in machines and mechanics so I decided to change myself and from my day 1, I started solving maths and science problems and continued the same for the next 6 months and here comes the midterm examination. I don’t know why I was so scared but all that fear faded away on the result day when the teacher announced that I backed (86/90) in mathematics exam and all the well-known toppers of the class were like WTF. They were all amazed and were not able to digest the fact that I stood first in the class. That day I was so happy and proud of myself but I do realize that this was not the final checkpoint, it was to get into engineering.

Keep hitting the nail.
Keep hitting the nail.

 I worked hard the same way to show off my parents and teachers but I only know the fact that what I wanted from life was a bit different. Being an Indian and that too of general category it’s very hard to crack IIT-JEE and I was not able to crack it. So I got into a private engineering college. For my whole school life, I have heard that engineering colleges have huge exposure to practical knowledge and that’s what I wanted but when I got into engineering I got to know the real game and the game was to just cram up the books and pass on the examination. You have to repeat the same process for 8 semesters and here you are an engineer. An engineer who aspires for a white-collar job, who expects a huge million dollar package and most important a beautiful wife.

 I got into engineering in 2017 and like others, I also started doing the same shit. For 1.5 years I continued to do the same, 9-5 classes, weekly tests, and assignments. I was almost dead from inside and lost my interest in almost everything. This was the extremely depressing period of my life, I started losing weight, I felt my body weakening day by day and one day I realized that this is not the thing I was supposed to do. It’s totally opposite and I need to come out of this trap, I started skipping my classes and my attendance started getting low. In April 2019, I decided to drop out and this was the turning point of my life as dropping out of my studies, in a family where all your cousins are well settled and earning well is a huge problem. I gathered some courage and decided that I don’t want to pursue engineering and told the same to my parents.  My parents were so supportive and I finally dropped out and moved back to my home.


A few days passed by and everyone including my neighbors started asking me now what’s next and started poking me by realizing me that I have committed a big mistake by dropping out and now see what’s waiting for you next. But now at this point, I was not afraid of anything as I was so much mentally strong and stable and I knew what I wanted so I started searching for the companies that provide industrial training in the automobile sector in India. After a few months of my research, I found an institute in Solan HP, India which provides a 2yr industrial training in automobile engineering and at that point I felt why I didn’t get to know about this 2yrs back. But no worries this is what we call life. I got admission to the institute in August 2019 and now at this point, I am performing well in my training and most importantly I am happy with what I am doing and my life.

So here’s a quick conclusion of what I learned from my life till date:

  • Don’t think too much about what’s gonna happen next.
  • Don’t be lazy, push yourself every day, go and execute the things you were thinking of doing.
  • Have patience and be kind to others.
  • Be positive. 
  • Make real friends and love your family.
  • Nobody, I mean no one, not even your GF/BF, family or friends is interested in listening to your depressing story. All they care about is results. So stop crying and start executing.
  • Fuck all, you have got only one competitor and that’s you, you don’t have to prove to anybody, you have to prove yourself only.
  • Travel to a place where you have never been to before.
  • And at last, degree or your mark sheet don’t map your future or who you are gonna be in the next few yrs.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog if you do, don’t forget to like and share it with your friends. All the best.

Thank you all.

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Gaurav Ramani is the founder of Quotes HUB. Gaurav has been exploring India from the last 2 years traveling to different places, exploring nature, new cultures and traditions. During his engineering days, he saw a lot of people being stressed-out because of their lives and the hatred in them for others being succeeding in their lives. So he thought why not to start inspiring people that "YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE" and nobody can replace you. His mission is simply to inspire people by the successful people around them and inspire others to live their dreams.

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  1. Beautiful! You did what you wanted, that’s more important. Dropping out of college and getting in a industrial training must be hard, but you did the right thing. We must learn from this, no college in India celebrates the idea of learning and just focuses on bullshit curriculum. Cheers mate!

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